first – for sure, we cannot and we won´t make one price for all


as different charter fleets are – as different the needs and expectations are too

we want to offer a good product with fair conditions and that is why we decide to offer our C.I.G.O charter information guide online in various packages

Initial Setup for your customized C.I.G.O

we charge the initial setup of your custom version on a time and material bases. It can variate on your technical web connection, on needed domain and security tools,  hosting, server, and some more technical conditions. we promise to find always the best setup for you. we provide our specially for this system developed online tool to collect all information and pictures from your yachts. With this we can make sure, that all needed data from each yacht will be shown in your C.I.G.O system

yacht information for your customized C.I.G.O

When initial set-up is done – with your design, your branding and all information, what should be shown in your C.I.G.O Charter Information Guide Online, we start to fill in each yacht detail you provide us via the specially developed andy easy to use online system. Here you can choose:

non-proofed content & pictures

we fill your personal C.I.G.O with data as we received from you via provided online tool. We don´t check for logic, describtion or quality of pictures.

fix price per yacht: 99,00 Euro*
proofed content & pictures

we will check received information due to logic, wrong wording, spelling mistakes, quality and look of pictures. We will edit the provided images if necessary and possible or request new images from you. We will correct text and describtions and let you know if we find improper content.

price per yacht: 149,00 euro*

change or add something on your customized C.I.G.O

we know – fleet, yachts or equipment is sometimes changing – sometimes often, sometimes only once a year or never. But this is not problem for us – send us changed details or information about new yachts or gone yachts, we will change or prepare a new C.I.G.O in a view days.

changes / additions

we include 2 changes of details for each yacht in our yearly usage fee. new yachts will be charged like written above. if you want to provede more general information as agreed in first set up, billing will be accourding to time and effort.

annually fee for utilization

for the first year we will not bill anything – just the costs for set up and design as written above. after first year we will charge a fee for system usage and supply costs. Due to different sizes of fleets and the associated efford, our prices are like following:

small / single
1 or 2 yachts | annual fee per yacht
please ask for offer
3 to 10 yachts | annual fee per yacht
79,00 euro*
11 to 30 yachts | annual fee per yacht
69,00 euro*
31 to 50 yachts | annual fee per yacht
59,00 euro*
more than 51 yachts | annual fee per yacht
49,00 euro*

* all prices are net, VAT is not contained. errors, mistakes and price changes reserved. additional costs for e.g. sms service are not includet and will be charged according to time and effort


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