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C.I.G.O will deliver information about yacht, technical explanation, weather conditions, marinas and all personalised information you want to provide to make your charter guests feeling comfortable. C.I.G.O. give ideas to your guests to make their yacht holidays unforgettable.

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Digitize your important processes

display them whenever you need information - online on mobile

C.I.G.O+ will deliver information and forms e.g. during you check-in or check-out your charter guests at the pier. It will make your work much smarter with ditigal documents. Database as you need it for your personal work efficiency. it doesn´t matters where you are – all important information is in your pocket.

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personalised database

databases will make your daily work much more efficient and scalable - use all shared information online, at each time, on each place and with all involved people.

customer information

make your guests feel comfortable and safe when they stay on board. deliver all needed information just in time, allways available for planing their time aboard or solving problems when sailing

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display your information online - no need to be in person at jetty or stand-by by mobile. time for other important tasks, reduced damages, satisfied customers and empoyees

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Director with 35.000 creative nautical miles around the world


Director with the best programming solutions when sailing

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from own experiences we know about daily challenges of charter companies. we know about demands of guests, too.


we did many thousand nautical miles by ourselfs. we saw lots of not efficient workflow  – this is why we decide to developed a simple but comprehensively information system for charter companies and charter guests.

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