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C.I.G.O+ is an interactive information online system for charter companies. display all information you need during daily work – for you and your employees

what ever and where ever you and your colleagues need for efficient workflow – just open C.I.G.O+ on mobile, tablet, laptop or pc.

it doesn´t matters if you are in the office, working from home or have to do a job on pier – our online information system will give any needed information in seconds

have all important information in your pocket: fleet, ship data and technical information, bookings, relevant documents, contact data, employees data, guest information, – what ever you need for doing a professional job

allways up-to-date with daily needed data

your unique added value: efficiency

benefits for you

everything online and digital at one place

manage check-in and check-out digital

digital guest information about handover status (SMS-service)

share important data to colleagues

don´t loose time with uncountable papers

don´t miss any important expiry dates

prepare your invoices with data from C.I.G.O database

keep your overview of yachts, maintenance, employees, business partners, guests, bookings* and much more…

quick and clearly arranged

no waiting time or double ways – get information when and where needed

no need to download app or files

plannable costs due to annual licences**

be always up-to-date

information can be adapted at any time

no need to run a cloud or own server

what can we manage for you?

boat data management

inventory management

owners data management

employee data management

supplier data management

customer data management

skipper data management

booking data management

managing expiry dates of insurances

managing expiry dates of technical surveys

manage maintenance

manage check-in and check-out digital

digital guest information about handover status

preparing invoices

you need more to manage your daily work with C.I.G.O+? just let us know!

what do you need?

nothing more than you have – just your daily used devices like computer, laptop, tablet or mobile. all data are stored at a secured cloud – log in and start your daily work. control who gets access to your content, who can change content and who can add content. no need to run an own server, an own cloud or to download an app. simple, clear and powerfull

you just need an internet connection

you want to work efficient and digital?

start right now!

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check refund possibilities

supported by EU Fonds “nextgenerationEU”

check your possibilities for refund by above named EU program. up to 100% eligible

* if the booking partner supports integration via API

**after one-off construction, development and individualisation costs according to effort


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