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C.I.G.O is an interactive information online system for you charter guests. show your customers all neccessary information what they need for a safe and relaxed time aboard

what ever your guests should know – just touch C.I.G.O with  mobile and  explore what is important

it doesn´t matters if the crew is new to sailing or if you have professionals on board. our online information system will give any needed information in seconds

show information like manuals, technical information, faq´s, how to behave in emergency situation, finding nearest fuel station, weather forecast, marinafinder and much more

you can choose: take our standard package with different topics, add some of your own ideas to package or design your own package of information topics

for adding yacht data we provide an online tool, which directs you through the yacht, to take right pictures and helps to collect right technical information

C.I.G.O will have same look like your website, it can be designed in each look and will have your corporate identity

reduce damages, don´t waste time with questions repeating  from each guest – just offer C.I.G.O Charter Information Guide Online

offer best information for your guests

offer a unique added value

benefits for you

reduce recurring questions

offer best information

quick and clearly arranged

in browser language of the user or native language plus english language

no waiting time – get information when needed

no need to download app or files

no need for employees on demand to answer questions

added value for customers

individual design and provided information

plannable costs due to annual licences

always up-to-date, information can be adapted at any time

online and digital at one place

increase customer satisfaction

information for guests

offer or recommend best places for customers sailing holidays

professionals answers for most frequently asked questions

show technical information – reduce damages

information on demand

how to behave in special situations

points of interest

weather forcasts

gale warnings

sail to Monte Negro or Italy – what to do?

rules for coastal waters

display what ever your guests need on board

enables anonymous feedback

get in personal contact

and much more… let us know your needs!

have a look to a demo boat - what will your C.I.G.O looking like?

what do you need for C.I.G.O?

you will have one C.I.G.O communication box on each yacht. it does not need anything, just be mounted or glued anywhere, where your guests can touch it. the C.I.G.O communication box has a size of approx. 100 mm with, 15 mm length and it is really flat with 5mm. it is rectangular but it can be individual designed in each colour and individual forms – if you want to be unique

what does your guests need?

guests just need their mobile. they do not need to download anything – not one more annoying app on their mobile phones.


guests just have to get in touch with C.I.G.O communication box. important information about sailing, chartered yacht, winds,… will be provided on mobile in seconds. all information is optimized for using on mobile phone.


once touched – content is available for whole holidays

you want to keep your guests well informed?

start right now with C.I.G.O !

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